how to actually earn a decent money off Fiverr.

how to actually earn decent money off Fiverr.


While it is perfectly possible to earn $5 on Fiverr every now and then by doing an odd gig like “I will scream your company name like a psychopath for $5”, that won’t probably earn you much, simply because there is not enough demand for that. In any market, if you want to make money, you have to sell what people are buying – and do that at a price that covers your time and other resources spent.

That is what I’ll be talking about here – how to actually earn decent money off Fiverr.



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I like to divide gigs in two groups – one is service gigs, where you do some sort of a service, like writing, video editing and so on, and then there are what I call informational gigs – where you sell some sort of information, like a PDF, a list of sites where people can put up their backlinks and so on.

It is possible to make decent amount of money by doing both types of gigs – but only if you do things the right way. Personally, I like to do both – of course, the informational gigs are the sweetest, but why not have the best of both worlds, right?

If you want to make money by doing service gigs, you should always remember that on Fiverr it is all about numbers, speed and efficiency. To earn a decent hourly wage, you should spend no more than 10 minutes on each gig. You may take longer to do a gig in order to get some experience, that is no problem – however those 10 minutes per gig is something you really should strive for.

The best way to achieve efficiency is to systematize and template everything – get each possible order down to following a simple, clear cut system and your productivity will increase tenfolds. That is possible for every type of gig! Even for writing, you can have like 5 templates of articles, and all you have to do is do original research and write an article according to template. That isn’t a bad thing – for example readers like to read “5 tips about subject X – insert something catchy here”. It does take a longer time to come up with something like that from scratch than it does to follow a template. The same goes for every other service gig. Some are easier than others of course – for example, if you are doing article submission, it just pays to get the best software available to automate it and so on.

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Now, let’s talk about informational gigs. They are the absolute best gigs ROI wise – I mean you do the work once and get paid multiple times. That’s only true, though, if someone is actually buying them! You can’t just put any PDF up and hope it will sell.

With informational gigs, you have to actually help to solve a problem that people are having. And also those people have to be a part of your marketing channel audience. Sorry about the big words:) What I mean, that in order to make money on Fiverr by selling informational gigs, your information (PDF, list etc.) has to solve a problem that people that hang around Fiverr have.

For example, the most popular gigs on Fiverr are the ones that relate to Internet Marketing – various services and so on. So it would only make sense to provide information about some problems that IM folks are having. In order to find the hot spots, go to an industry forum, like WarriorForum and check out threads with lots of replies – that will most certainly give you at least 10 ideas in the next 15 minutes. Look up the answers and package them up in a nice PDF – and sell it!

Of course, you still have to drive traffic to your gig and so on, but all and all I’ve found that having some PDFs upon Fiverr for sale is nice extra income with very little wor



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